Senator Bob Huff
Lincoln Club of Orange County

Dr. Elizabeth Swift, Buena Park City Council
Jennifer Fitzgerald, Fullerton Council Member
Don McCay former Buena Park Mayor and Council member
Donna McCay
Sharon Quirk-Silva, Assemblywoman 65th District
Artie Parent, President of Americas Printer & AJ Parent Company Inc.
Michael Kim, Business Owner
Victor Perrin, Lee & Perrin Real Estate
Rhiannon Doscher, Boys & Girls Club
Luz Valenzuela, Boys & Girls Club
Coleen Hernandez, Owner Family Estate Sales
Tamara Powers, Owner Tri-State Website Design
Rick McAuley, The Aztec Group
Kristen Vierregger, MD – Metamorphosis Medical Center Buena Park
James & Mea Lee, Owner, Redbrick Pizza
Sharon Quirk-Silva, Assemblywoman 65th District
Tammy Lunn
Tia Sandoval Lunn
Heather Sandoval Lunn
Rudy Hernandez
Rosalyn Daily
Maria Smith
Cindy Paladino
Bonnet Lopez
Lordes Lopez
Greg Parker
Dina Parker
Barbara Berg
Diane Meis
David Meis
Chris Meis
Kenny Vaughn
Pat Longwell
Pat Swift, Retired Pacific Bell
Richard Swift, Retired Pacific Bell
Bill Brooks
Veronica Brooks
Dr. Andy Plisko
Cathy Wills, Remax Unlimited
Lee & Perrin Real Estate
Bonnet & Lulu Lopez
Patricia Ghaly
Louie & Sally Mirada
Sean Lawrence
Tyler Mortensen
Anthony & San White – Buena Park High School, Football Coach
Fred Schimmel – Buena Park Resident
Sandy Schimmel – “
Robert Thompson – “
Cathleen Matthews –“
Audrey Lopez -“
Ace Lopez
Boskie Lopez
Premier Chevrolet, Buena Park
Shelly BMW, Buena Park

Integrity of Profession Award


Woman of the Year

Small Business Leader of the Year